Our Illustrious Leader at his personal, "Greatest Place on Earth" aka Wall Street.

John’s favorite place a.k.a. Wall Street

John graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in Business Management and Finance in 1969. He then served in the U.S. Army as an infantry lieutenant and platoon leader in Vietnam in 1971.  In 1978, he completed the Boston Marathon in 2.5 hours finishing 174th overall.

In 1982, John founded Omega Financial and Insurance Services. Omega’s first home, as John likes to tell it, was “an unheated office space for $5 per square foot.  It was such a great deal”.  Omega’s current space is a luxuriously appointed (yes, we do mean heated) building in Kirkland’s Houghton neighborhood, where we enjoy a gluttonous view of Lake Washington.

Random Fact: On birthdays ending in zero, John likes to “celebrate” with a physical challenge.  He has swum across Lake Washington, biked across the United States, completed the Boston Marathon and attempted the Appalachian Trail.  The rest of the office likes cake.




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